About Us

We've teamed up with some of the best brains in the business, and developed partnerships with cutting edge service providers. RETRIEVOR's development team consists of product designers, engineers and software application developers who create all things IT.  They all love new technology  and turning ideas into working products and solutions!!​

“Our mission is to provide economical, efficient and innovative solutions and services to the marketplace. Products and services which enable our customers to achieve their goals and at the same time take care of our precious planet, it’s environment and it’s people. To raise global consciousness, and empower consumers and businesses in making moral, ethical, and responsible choices. We are committed to significantly raising the bar, giving access to renewable energy systems, green technologies and new media solutions whilst providing an exceptional customer experience. Our business practices are simple and transparent and our personal and professional service will always be remembered.”

RETRIEVOR is a collaboration of American, Australian, British and Chinese companies who believe in bringing the very best technology's to the world sooner rather than later. We have completed more than 20 projects for large international companies and with combined experience of over 85 years within design and development of micro technology, we now want to take it one step further by developing our own designs by working with integration and development teams which are at the cutting edge of micro technology. 

We see this as a natural progression to move our business into production of our RETRIEVOR GPS device. Today, it is rare to be able to design a product, which can totally change how we see or use technology, but here it is.